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We know that this event requires a lot of you to travel. Anne and I greatly appreciate the effort you will have to make in coming to our wedding. In efforts to accommodate our guests with the best possible arrangements, we have listed some of the best lodging and travel resources in the area.

The reception will be held at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, Oregon; and we have found a great deal on a hotel nearby. We booked rooms at the Portland Marriott for our guests. The hotel requires booking 30 days in advance of the event. To make a reservation under our room block, mention our names and the date of the wedding (January 17, 2004). Below are links and lists of our recommended lodging and other resources.


Portland Marriot, City Center

Street Address:
520 Southwest Broadway
Portland, OR

Phone: 1 503-226-6300
Fax: 1 503-227-7515

Lodging Links
  Make a reservation
  Hotel Information

St. Mary's Cathedral

Street Address:
1716 Nw Davis St
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-228-4397
Fax: 503-525-8998

Wedding Links
Map to St. Mary's Cathedral
360 Degree tour of the Church!

Multnomah Athletic Club

Street Address:
1849 S.W. Salmon St.
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-223-6251

Reception Links
Map from St. Mary's Cathedral to the MAC
Map to the Multnomah Athletic Club
Portland Brew Pub (Thurs, January 15th)

Street Address:
2730 Nw 31st Ave
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-228-5269

Rehearsal Links:
Map to the Portland Brew Pub
Portland Brew Pub Web site
Street Address:
16454 SW 132nd Terrace
Tigard, Oregon 97224

Bryan's Cell: 503-572-1200
Anne's Cell: 503-997-7839

Map to Bryan & Anne's Home

Street Address:
7519 Sw 64th Place
Portland, OR 97219

Phone: 503-245-4783
Mary Anne's Cell: 503-708-8274

Map to John & Mary Anne's Home

The major airport for the area is the Portland International Airport.

  Visit the PDX Airport Web site for additional Information

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