Wedding Details
Reatime Pooch Monitor
Anne and I agreed that once the wedding was completed and we had the time, we both wanted a dog. We went to the Oregon Humane Society for a few weeks trying to get a puppy. We were unsuccessful as the demand for puppies is so high we were always third or fourth in line for adoption.

On our way home from the OHS, Anne and I decided to stop and look at puppies. We saw Bailey in the window of a local store and fell in love. We asked about the breeder and felt comfortable that she was not from a puppy mill.  We decided to think about the purchase, but did not make it out of the parking lot without turning back and getting the dog.

So far things have been great. She sleeps, eats, chews, sniffs, and goes to the bathroom (a lot.) We are working hard to potty train her using the crate and advise from all of our friends. We plan to take her to puppy pre-school and later to a Lab training camp in Eugene.